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Do you love cooking and eating in your backyard? Do you want to cook up meaty and awesome food for your friends and family?

 Do you want to make some thing different or just want tips to make cooking your favorite stuff even better?

Want the best barbecue or grill you can get for your money?

How to BBQ

"I shot the BBQ Pit" image thanks to Seth Anderson under Creative Commons license.

Why you've come to the right place

We have tips and techniques covering every BBQ or grill technique everywhere in The World - grilling, smoking, Pit BBQ, Tandoor "BBQ" - I've tried them all, and you can take you pick of them as well.

Tried and Tested recipes for beef, pork chicken, fish, vegetables, sauces (plus when and how to use 'em), rubs and marinades

Reviews of some of the best charcoal grills, gas grills, smokers, tools and accessories - I didn't bother reviewing anything that looks crap.

Barbecue Equipment & Tools

BBQ Tools

Gas Grills

Barbecue Smokers

Barbecue Pits

Charcoal Grills

  • Find out more about barbecue grills - the choices are gas or charcoal, with or without a lid. Each has it's own pros and cons.
  • Want an alternative to grilling? Learn the real meaning of barbecue - read about BBQ smokers and BBQ pits - and maybe try something new.
  • You can't make do without a few BBQ utensils. Some you need, some you don't, some make life easier, some just don't - get straight to the good stuff.

Barbecue Recipes

Barbecue Chicken Recipes

Barbecue Pork Recipes

  • Chicken has a reputation for being bland. But some parts of it have more natural flavor than others, while rubs, and marinades can also help.
  • Pork is traditionally the most popular meat for barbecues. It can be grilled, smoked, slow roasted and flavored in many ways.
  • The rich flavor of barbecued beef is a must try whether smoked long and slow or in burger form

Ideas For Flavoring BBQ Food

Barbecue Sauce


Barbecue Rubs

  • There is an unbelievable array of BBQ sauce - delicious, sweet finishing sauces, hot n' sharp basting sauces and dipping sauces can all be homemade better than mass produced branded versions.
  • BBQ marinades are brilliant, and can be quick and simple or complex and slow acting - with endless possible variations.
  • BBQ rubs make a very quick and easy way to add flavor to meat. They can be used on their own, or with smoke to bring greater flavor.

Barbecue Tips and Techniques

Barbecue Tips

More BBQ Techniques

  • Stuck for ideas? Wishing BBQ wasn't such a pain in the butt? these BBQ tips will give you new enthusiasm.
  • Think BBQ was invented in your country? Think again. Many different techniques and flavours crop up all over the world. Find out more and try something new.

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